Clapham Cakes

A Family Business

Pause and take a lunch break, take a seat, and relate with one another. The Clapham Cakes is a place for conversation, respite, and escape from daily routines.  Treat yourself with our delicious freshly baked Cakes, Tarts, Macaroons, Cupcake, Muffins, Sandwiches, Salad, freshly Baked Pastry, Wraps, Panini, Bagels, Milkshakes, Smoothies and More..

Clapham Cakes Boutique is Decorated in hues of incandescent white, Cake Boutique is one of Lavender Hill’s most popular venues. Customers are greeted with a delicious aroma and a display of delights laid out on a grand marble platform. Artistically decorated cupcakes are finished with skill and care, and the brilliant shades of lemon, raspberry and blueberry icing entice.  Adorable embellishments top off the culinary creations – meticulously placed sprinkles and raspberry hearts add the perfect touch. Fruit cake fanatics can delight in the Cake Boutique’s rendition of this classic, made from an old family recipe. The rustic interior features white-washed wooden floorboards complemented with light table tops and splashes of red. Exuding an atmosphere of calm, this family-friendly hangout is extremely popular with local mums.

Meet the team


Passionate and enthusiastic for baking and patisserie, Amy is a valuable member of our highly skilled team with equalled food knowledge, her personality is as sweet as the Cakes she bakes. Your personal order will be in good hands with Amy.


Chef and Manager Nuno, is committed to making a positive and lasting impression on our customers. At Clapham Cakes his role is setting up the bakery for daily production, maintaining the bakery’s demanding production schedule.


Owner Brahim, oversees every aspect of this busy enterprise, ensuring the smooth operation of everyday activities and combines all his team’s skills to delliver the perfect cake for the customers of Clapham and Battersea.